Rachel Lindsay Teases "2 Gut-Wrenching Goodbyes" & A Big Emotional Breakdown

Photo: Thomas Lekdorf/Courtesy of ABC.
We've already watched Rachel Lindsay struggle to make some difficult decisions on The Bachelorette this season. But in her weekly blog post for People, Lindsay makes clear that her emotional rollercoaster ride is far from over — and that there's some more serious heartbreak lurking just around the corner.
"Copenhagen was a beautiful and difficult week where I sent men home on three consecutive nights," Lindsay begins, referring to saying her goodbyes Lee, Kenny, Will, Josiah, Anthony, and Alex this week. "So you better believe I’m ready to hit the next location and shake things up! Next week as I hand out roses they will not just be any roses — these roses will take me to these men’s hometowns!" She continues, "With six men left, that means there will be two gut-wrenching goodbyes. My emotions reach an all time high, so prepare yourselves to see me breakdown like I never have before."
In May, host Chris Harrison talked about how difficult it was for the usually cool and composed Rachel to relinquish her need to maintain tight control — to let her emotions run high and her walls collapse. "She’s very thoughtful, very meticulous, and very planned, and in a certain way, controlling," Harrison told Entertainment Weekly. "I think she likes to have control of her life and she’s very detail-oriented, and that is a tough mix to be The Bachelorette and be that type of person because The Bachelorette asks you to let go and allow yourself to be vulnerable and that’s not really what lawyers do." He continued, "Everything she has learned, she needed to kind of throw out the window and that was very difficult for her. That’s what I think has held her up in the past is letting go and giving this a true shot. That was our goal this season."
Judging by the upcoming emotional drama Lindsay is teasing, it sounds like that goal has been met.
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