Rachel Lindsay Says She Panicked When Bryan Told Her He Was Falling In Love

Photo: ABC.
On Monday night, we witnessed a classic awkward Bachelorette scene: One of the contestants declared his love and the Bachelorette avoided saying it back so she wouldn't lead him on. Rachel Lindsay wrote in a blog post for People that the moment Bryan said he was falling in love with her was uncomfortable for her, too — but she overcame it.
"I thought I had banished old 'scared-of-vocalizing-feelings Rachel' before this journey had started, but suddenly that old fearful me was in my chair staring across the dinner table at Bryan and starting to panic," she wrote. "But something changed that night, and I was able to push past my old familiar fears and really take in the feelings behind Bryan’s words. Bryan’s vulnerability challenged me to reciprocate that vulnerability. I was developing feelings, too, and that knot of fear in my stomach turned into butterflies. I’ve always liked butterflies."
Bryan was the first contestant to declare his love for Rachel, and he seemed confident that the feeling was mutual — or at least would one day be. Earlier in the episode, at the cocktail party, he told her, "I feel like we’re going to fall in love by the end of this."
The Miami chiropractor got Rachel's first impression rose for his boldness and his honesty about wanting to find a life partner. "I don't want to waste your time," he told Rachel. "I'm here for something serious."
Last year's first impression rose winner Jordan Rodgers also got the final rose, so Bryan may have a reason to be confident (though with six guys left, the odds are still against him). Whether or not he's the last one standing, it sounds like Rachel welcomed his confession of love, and hopefully, they'll both leave with fond memories of that ski jump date.

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