Have You Noticed The Kardashians Drinking This In Every Episode Of KUWTK?

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We love keeping up with what the Kardashians are eating. We have an ever-growing bucket list of their favorite restaurants that we one day hope to dine at and we've been known to check their many social media accounts to stay up to date on what they're cooking. We even investigated drama between the Kardashian clan and their fam's favorite bakery, Hansen's. Recently, however, our attention was taken away from what the family is eating and redirected towards what they're drinking. That's all thanks to one drink that was spotted all over the place in the most recent season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Harmless Harvest Coconut Water.
Before its finale earlier this month, season 13 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians was chock full of drama, exquisite trips, and of course, enticing food moments. And, many of those food moments involved Harmless Harvest Coconut Water. In the very first episode, "Time to Dash," we see Kourtney enjoying a bottle while lounging on the couch. In episode three, "The Aftermath," Harmless Harvest is spotted in Kim's refrigerator. Even the youngest members of the family seem to enjoy the drink — North sips on it and shares some with her Aunt Kourtney in episode four, "Kim's Last Ditch Effort." A bottle also showed up in episode eight "Guilt Trip" and a season 12 episode, "No Good Deeds." So what is this coconut water the Kardashian's are clearly obsessed with?
Unlike some other coconut waters, Harmless Harvest is made without boiling or cooking the coconut water. It's instead purified through a special filtration process. It also stands out on store shelves because it's a light pink color. According to Harmless Harvest, the coconut water is clear when it's bottled, but it naturally turns pink with time because of antioxidants. Since the Kardashians appear to be drinking it as often as they eat Health Nut salads, perhaps Harmless Harvest should start calling itself: Harmless Harvest KoKonut Water.
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