Justin Bieber's Left Yeezy Is Now A Social Media Influencer

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What does it mean to be a Justin Bieber fan? It means that there is never a dull moment. The most recent newsworthy Bieber-related incident involves a pair of Yeezys, creative Beliebers, and the power of Instagram. Last week in Germany, Bieber took off his pair of white Yeezy sneakers and threw both shoes into the crowd. Two lucky fans each went home with a Kanye West-designed shoe. As of now, the right shoe is for sale on eBay for $5,000 euros.
And the left Yeezy? The left Yeezy is a star.
Yes, left Yeezy, or rather "The Left Yeezy," is already taking Instagram by storm, with almost 7,000 followers in less than two days. This piece of Belieber memorabilia is officially more of a social media influencer than I likely will ever be. Now, there is no proof that this is actually Bieber's shoe, but based on the amount of effort put into this account, let's just say it is. Are you even a Justin Bieber fan if you don't follow his shoe on Instagram?
This is where we first met Left Yeezy. Left Yeezy was torn from his owner and his brother, Right Yeezy, onstage during an instrumental version of "Purpose." Right Yeezy was the first to go, followed by Left.
He then found a new home with a Frankfurt-area man, who is clearly honored to be the new owner of this very important shoe.
The new owner and Left have been having fun together, even though things get a little weird during their late nights.
All in all, though, he has found reason to celebrate his new life, even without his brother, Right Yeezy.
Left Yeezy has even had the opportunity to interact with some of his loyal fans.
But it does seem like his original owner misses him.

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I give it a week before Left Yeezy starts selling detox tea.
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