This Is Why A Major Bachelorette Rule Was Broken Last Night

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Kenny is the gentle giant of this season's The Bachelorette. A wrestler by day and loving father by night, he has recently been thrust into the center of a narrative on the reality series that he definitely would rather be excluded from. Kenny is currently being placed in a racially-charged spar against the in-house ignorant troll, Lee, who we found out has a history of racist and misogynistic tweets.
But there was a silver-lining in Monday night's episode that lifted the spirits of both Kenny and the audience at home. In between telling Rachel Lindsay that Lee is a meddling snake, Kenny was given the opportunity to FaceTime his 10-year-old daughter McKenzie, During the conversation, Kenny started to cry while talking with his mature and well-spoken daughter, who encouraged him to enjoy his time on the show. She said she missed him, and all of America shed a special tear.
But once I dried my eyes, I realized something: Why was Kenny on a cell phone using FaceTime while filming in Oslo? This is not normal. It is a known policy that everyone entering the mansion will surrender their cell phones so that there is no outside interference on the filming. But, as we saw and later learned in an interview on TooFab, it is common for parents to get access to phones to keep in touch with their kids.
Talking to TooFab, Nick Buonfilgio, the ex-husband of The Bachelor, and Bachelor In Paradise contestant Amanda Stanton, said that both their young daughters are able to talk to their mom while she is away filming. However, it sounds like the producers are still in control, as Buonfilgio says that the phones are only distributed at their discretion. They also stand around and film (in Kenny's case), or listen to make sure nothing juicy is leaked, regardless of the fact that these are just kids.
Twitter was VERY moved over seeing Kenny talk to his daughter, especially when she began offering words of wisdom to her dad. Good work, producers. This segment was a real home-run.
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