Mr. Big's Name Was A Last-Minute Decision On Sex & The City

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We are finally getting the back story on the bedazzled flip-phone seen 'round the world. Carrie Bradshaw's glittery purple Nokia (now ancient-looking) device revealed Sex and the City's greatest series-spanning mystery in its final episode, "An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux." In it, fans were finally given the chance to see the one word they so longed to see: Mr. Big's real name.
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Michael Patrick King provides some necessary, and surprising, context around the big reveal. In fact, it's pretty anti-climatic.
"In the last episode, in the last moment, I realized [I had] to say Mr. Big’s name and I just...[type] ‘John,'” said King. “And then I told all the writers and they were like, ‘What the hell?’ And I was like, ‘We have to say his name because now he’s real!'"
He never had a real name and (Chris Noth's character truly was just "Mr. Big" to him, too) but then once he made him real, he felt that he had to reveal some name for him. So he became John; average John. "If I was to give him a name, I wanted it to be the most generic, American — just generic almost pilgrim name" he said, laughing. "Like there is no spin. It is just John." He added, "It was just one of those things where you are like 'Oh yeah, this is just happening right now.'"
King also spoke about what it was like to have created a character like Bradshaw, who was a walking, gossiping, shopping example of the dichotomy that was the modern-age woman. "She was good and bad; noble and a failure; nice and selfish." he said.
Complex Carrie, and just John. Sounds like romance to me.
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