This Flower Girl's Hilarious Fail Is All Of Us At Weddings

The Flower Girl's Fall, A 1-Act Play
The setting: A backyard wedding somewhere in the United States of America (probably). In the distance, gold-painted candelabra decorate a gold, sequined tablecloth, along with some unidentifiable flowers and a rustic lantern. Two children dance with abandon on the portable dance floor, installed just for this wedding. Ring Bearer, in a vest, spins Flower Girl 1, who wears a white dress with a pink sash and a floral headband. Out of nowhere, Flower Girl 2 appears.
Flower Girl 2: "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
Flower Girl 2 body-slams Flower Girl 1 and falls on the floor, laughing.
Ring Bearer & Flower Girl 1: "Wheeeeeee!"
We catch a brief glimpse of the bride, in a strapless dress with a glitzy sash. She looks horrified. End scene.
Courtesy of Imgur.

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