All The Veep Backstories We Learned In The Finale

Photo: Colleen Hayes/HBO.
Veep isn’t exactly a show that needs flashbacks. It’s not like Game Of Thrones, which is mired in centuries of mythological history, or Pretty Little Liars, which is built on a pyramid of secrets. No, the misadventures of former president Selina Meyer very much deal with the here and now of her terrible decisions.
And, yet, the HBO comedy decided to fill its season 6 finale, “Groundbreaking,” with a number of flashbacks, all spanning the last 24 years of Selina’s political career. While viewers were probably wondering why the Veep team dedicated so much of an episode to the past, the ending scene made everything crystal clear. We had to understand the veep’s roller coaster of backstory for the big finale announcement to make sense. Selina Meyer is running for president once again — and she just might win...again.
Although the flashbacks were just plain funny a lot of the time, they also answered some huge questions we’ve had all season. What was Selina really doing at her “spa” in Arizona? And how on Earth did she find someone as dedicated as Gary (Tony Hale)? Scroll through the gallery to get all those details, and find out why her ex-husband Andrew (David Pasquesi) is officially The Worst.
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