Yup, Remy Ma Is Still Coming For Nicki Minaj, Even On The BET Awards Red Carpet

Summer is here, y'all. The sun's out, but the shade between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj is still strong. The two female rappers have been trading bars and subtweets/Instagrams for months now, so when BET host James Davis asked Remy on the red carpet how she manages to "lift up the culture" while "stomping down on the haters," she did not hold back. (While looking glamorous, by the way. A female entertainer rocking old Hollywood glam and throwing not-so-subtle shade? Joan Crawford would be proud.)
"I lift up and destroy," Remy said. "I explain it to people by saying: Anybody can go and demo a building. You hook up the dynamite, come through with the wrecking ball, and knock the building down. But it takes a special type of individual to go and build a building. You have to write the blue print, you have to lay the foundation. You have to make sure it can withstand the elements. Everybody can't do both."
Whew. That was basically a verse right there, amiright?! Remy just needs to add those thoughts to a track and it could be her next anti-Nicki single.
Of course, her husband Papoose was by her side to add his own two cents.
"I’m just like, why are they even thinking about challenging her?" the rapper, who was wearing a coordinating blue-and-white tee to match Remy's gown, added. "That’s all I’m saying from the side. They ask for it, so they got what they got coming."
The "they" is obviously Minaj. I'll be interested to see if she'll follow up with a response of her own, either at the next award show or perhaps with another over-the-top video? Time will tell, but I have a feeling this feud won't be ending any time soon. In the meantime, I'll be sitting back with my popcorn ready.

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