We Finally Know The Cause Of The Remy Ma & Nicki Minaj Fued

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If you thought that Remy Ma’s “ShETHER” and “Another One” were overreactoins to some subtle shade thrown by Nicki Minaj, you were wrong. The source of their beef did not start on any track, but behind the scenes, according to Remy Ma. And if any part of what she told Wendy Williams is true, then the brutal force of both records is warranted.
The Love & Hip Hop star appeared on Williams’ eponymous show with her fellow Terror Squad rapper to promote their new album, Plata O Plomo. The host tried to be cute and wait a while before addressing the beef between the two female rappers, but our cup runneth over with tea when she finally did. The gist of it this: Remy is accusing Nicki of intentionally working against her success.
She rattled off a list of petty — and pretty mean — violations from Nicki that included: refusing to attend certain shows if they awarded Remy, trying to “keep [Remy] off of red carpets,” and encouraging negative reports about Remy’s album sales.
Remy also offered some clues about what Nicki has been doing — aside from Twitter beefing with Trey Songz — while we were all waiting for a response. “Instead of keeping it hip-hop or whatever, they’ve been trying to get the song, they’ve been trying to do things like pull it off of SoundCloud, pull it off of YouTube.” So Nicki took the closest thing to an Olivia Pope route on this.
Just last week I wrote about the dangers of a rap game that won’t make room for more than one female rapper to shine at a time. One of them is that it makes it too easy for artists, especially those like Nicki who also have mainstream credibility, to make demands that could intentionally hurt the careers of other artists. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first or the second time we’ve heard that Nicki isn’t a nice person. For the record, the second account isn't worth much, and I think requiring grace and courtesy from women all of the time is the work of sexism. But respect should be a solid standard. Trying to, as Remy put it “stop [someone’s] bag and stop [them] from taking care of [their] children” is just plain disrespectful.
It’s also worth mentioning again that Remy has proven herself to be a ruthless opponent on the mic and in real life. The last person who disrespected Remy’s coin ended up in the hospital. We should all be grateful that Remy is venting her frustrations through the music. As for you Nicki, do better sis.

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