What Should Nicki Minaj Do In The Aftermath Of "ShETHER"?

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According to the title sequence of The First 48, the chances of solving a murder are chopped in half if there isn’t a lead within the first 48 hours. If we consider Remy Ma’s recent assassination of Nicki Minaj’s ego, reputation, and character in "ShETHER," it's safe to say that Remy may very well get away with this. As of Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 12:45 p.m., Nicki has still yet to release her own response. It’s a pretty grim situation for the head Barbie in charge. The rap fandom is now left to pick up the pieces and wonder what’s next for Nicki and how Azealia Banks might be involved.
The general consensus from those both inside and outside the rap industry is that Nicki has missed the window of opportunity to redeem herself from the no-holds-barred track that Remy Ma dropped over the weekend. Minaj's ex-boyfriend and former ghostwriter Safaree told TMZ that "ShETHER" is one of the most disrespectful records he’s ever heard, and insinuated that Nicki couldn’t dream up a suitable retort if she wanted to. He also made it clear that he wouldn’t help her if she tried — talk about burned bridges.
There is also new evidence in the case to suggest that this was perhaps an unnecessary act of lyrical violence. There are some who believe that Nicki Minaj’s verse on Gucci Mane’s “Make Love,” which provoked the wrath of Remy, was actually a dig at Azealia Banks. Banks, who never misses an opportunity to be in some mess, as my granny would say, has since inserted herself into the conversation. [Eye roll]
There are a lot of moving pieces in this stage of the Nicki Minaj vs. Remy Ma beef. Aside from the two contenders and Azealia, there are no fewer than five other people who have been dragged into the fold: Ebro, Trey Songz, Gucci Mane, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, Safaree and now Charlamagne. As such, I intentionally waited for the dust to settle before laying out some possible next steps for Nicki, which are as follows.
Make a proper dis record in response.
Cons: I have to agree with the general public that going toe-to-toe with Remy with a dis record of her own isn’t going to accomplish much. It’s too late. And, honestly, truly, what can she say? Fans have already predicted that the only ammunition Nicki has against Remy is a bigger net worth and more album sales, but I’ve already discussed why that won’t work. This is about skill only.
Pros: At least she'd have gone down fighting.
“Cash me outside. How bow dat?”
Pros: If Nicki took the street route and made physical threats against Remy or challenged her to a proper street fight, it would help mend the blow to her street credit.
Cons: Remy was just released from prison for shooting someone. I wouldn’t take that gamble.
Make an Azealia Banks dis track, instead.
Pros: We need a proper Azealia Banks dis record, and Nicki is more than capable of delivering. It could also clarify her intentions on “Make Love” and prompt Remy to issue a peace offering so that Nicki won’t have to address the slanderous claims made in "ShETHER."
Cons: Redirecting her anger toward Azealia might seem childish given the size of the elephant in the room. Nicki has already been criticized for taking to Instagram and Twitter to call out her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill, and other celebrities whom Remy mentions, for not defending her. It reeked of misdirected butt hurtness.
Address the media directly.
Cons: This is a rap battle. You don’t win by talking about the rhymes. You win by spitting them. Get off of the blogs and in the booth, Nicki!
Pros: Nicki shines during interviews and in candid moments when she gets personal. She is creative enough to use a moment like this to change public perception of her, Remy, and "ShETHER."
Call Olivia Pope.
Pros: It’s handled.
Cons: Olivia Pope is a fictional character.
Well, Nicki. What’s it going to be?

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