The Sexist Reason Radio Won't Play This Country Singer's Music

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Lindsey Ell is a budding country star. Like many other singers and songwriters, one of the 28-year-old's greatest achievements will be hearing her songs on the radio. But unfortunately for her, that goal has been squandered recently due to her relationship status.
In an interview with E!, the singer opens up at the obstacles she has faced in promoting her new music while dating her boyfriend, Bobby Bones. Bones is a well known radio personality, and his status as a DJ has caused some competition internally. Her story begs us to wonder: would a man be treated the same way? It feels weirdly sexist to hear a woman talk about the lack of air time her music has had because other DJs are jealous of her boyfriend and his own reach as a personality. She is afraid to be in public with her boyfriend at the cost stations denying her as a collaborator.
"I am very careful about pictures that I post, dialogue on social media," she tells the site. "We walk red carpets separately. I do my best to make sure that I'm not flaunting our relationship..."
The conversation was first initiated after Ell tweeted that a station cancelled on her less than 24 hours before a scheduled appearance and performance. She later realized it was because of Bones. "I get in a competitive situation that it's a sensitive topic," she said, "however, I really feel that as an artist—male or female—your personal life shouldn't affect what you do."
"Eventually I reached the point where I was like, ‘Country music is a beautiful industry because they embrace humans being humans.' And they embrace artists being able to have a personal life and don't let it come in the way of their career or goals or business."
"Bobby's business is Bobby's business," Ell said. "All I can worry about is me. I work so hard as an artist. I care so much about making music that I've fallen in love with."
Listen to the full interview below.
And check out her debut performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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