Balenciaga Is Actually Selling A Shopping Bag For $1,100

If you have $1,100 to spare, you can be the proud owner of...a Balenciaga shopping bag.
Yep, you read that correctly: The luxury French fashion house has launched a $1,100 leather bag that looks exactly like the free shopping bags that come with any purchase. This follows on the heels of the designer's $2,145 version of an IKEA shopping bag earlier this year, and we're beginning to wonder if Balenciaga is just messing with us at this point.
If they are, it's working. The leather shopping bag, which is part of Balenciaga's "Colette Takeover", has already sold out online. (Don't worry: More leather shopping bags are on the way and you can sign up to receive a notification when they arrive.)
According to the bag's online description, it's made from 100% calfskin and features black Nappa leather handles, silver metal hardware, and zip and slip pockets inside. The paper shopping bag doesn't have the silver bling or the interior pockets, but we remain skeptical that the leather version is worth a $1,100 dent in our bank accounts. (But hey, to each their own.)
We're also not exactly sure it makes the best fashion statement. In a world where the classic Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag exists, it seems a little strange to drop over $1,100 bucks on a shopping bag. Fun fact: The Motorcycle Bag (and every other Balenciaga bag) comes with a free paper shopping bag so you can have both.
But if you're truly enamored with the Colette collection and you can't afford the leather shopping bag, don't despair: An $11 lighter and $22 sleep mask are also available.

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