Niall Horan Thinks A 1D Reunion Would Be "Weird"

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It's only been 18 months since One Direction officially parted ways, but every single time an ex-1D band member opens his mouth, it seems that talk of a reunion somehow comes up. It's a strange phenomenon, especially since the guys are generally opening their mouths to discuss their burgeoning solo projects. What gets in the way of solo projects? Imaginary reunion tours. Niall Horan, who has a solo album planned for the fall, told Entertainment Tonight Canada that right now, the timing's just not right.
"I suppose right now, it would be a bit weird," he told the magazine. "Can't rule anything out really, can you?"
That cryptic hint doesn't mean much, especially since his bandmates are all riding pretty high on the success of their solo projects. Harry Styles just released his album and Zayn Malik, who stepped away from the band before it's official dissolution, has a pretty successful string of singles to his name. Horan himself has a single on the radio right now, "Slow Hands," following his debut single, "This Town."
"There's a lot of stuff going on at the minute, promo-wise, around the world," he explained of his current solo gig and impending album release. "Performing things down in Australia, and it's all crazy at the minute. So, when I get time to stop that — or when that stops — I'll then release it. I'm really looking forward to it."
So, instead of asking the guys about when they'll get back together, loyal Directioners are just excited about each guy's respective solo far. After all, it took the Spice Girls 10 years to reunite and fans are still holding their breath for an *N SYNC comeback tour (c'mon, JT), so a year and a half is nothing in comparison to those pop phenoms. When the guys do get back in the studio, however, there's no doubt that their legion of loyal devotees will be ready.
Check out Horan's full interview, below.
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