We Tried The New Layered Frappuccinos From Starbucks & Here's What We Thought

When we caught wind — well, more like summer breeze whispers — of Starbucks' newest Frappuccinos, our seasonal beverage-loving hearts skipped a beat. (Okay, they basically pounded in our chests.) Because what do we crave most during the sunniest months of the year? Two things: fresh fruit and creamy cool ice cream. And folks, that's exactly what the new Créme Frapps promise us.
The two flavors, Berry Prickly Pear and Mango Pineapple, debuted today (June 20th). So you better believe our morning caffeine run was pumped up with a double dose of Frappuccino. Nothing like fruity milkshakes first thing on an 80 degree morning, am I right? But before we stuck straws in and got started, we took a moment to marvel at the colorful presentation — a creamy white base layered with bright pops of color, which mixed up to make pastel and milky swirls of pinks and yellows. Total social media sensation shot.
The first flavor we tasted was the Mango Pineapple — and it immediately took us back. One sip of the mango Créme Frapp base mixed with the mango pineapple fruit puree tasted exactly like an orange Creamsicle (a childhood pop favorite). It was delicious: cold, refreshing, and creamy with a well-balanced tart to sweet ratio from the fruit puree. The Berry Prickly Pear had a similar nostalgia factor, as it too uses mango créme Frapp base. The only notable difference was in slurping up a separate sip of the berry compote portion (made from strawberry and prickly pear).
Both beverages are kind of like a sorbet-style milkshake — or perhaps a creamier version of last season's Coffee Granitas. While we won't necessarily be picking these seasonal sips up in the a.m. again anytime soon (unless it's a dessert for breakfast kind of morning...), they're a good addition to the late-afternoon or post work pick-me-up lineup. Especially when the summer temps are scorching.

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