Watch Alison Brie Struggle With Nun Life In This New Clip From The Little Hours

Photo: Jennifer Lourie/Getty Images
Parents: they just don't understand. In this new clip from upcoming comedy The Little Hours, Alessandra (Alison Brie) must deal with a dad who is anything but understanding — especially when it comes to her leaving the convent.
A face-to-face conversation with her wealthy merchant father might help smooth things over, but unfortunately, there's no such thing in this movie. Alessandra's family time consists of her talking to her father from the other side of a wall, one peppered with just enough holes so that they can just make out one another's face. (Kind of, sort of, anyway.) All Brie's character wants is to leave the convent and marry the man whom she is betrothed to, but dear ole' dad has some bad news: the dowry's just a little steep for the family to pay. (Though, if you were to read between the lines, it sounds like her dad's not too eager for Alessandra to come back to the family home regardless.)
For Alessandra, that means spending a lot more time in the habit... and, as her dad encourages, embroidering.
"How's your embroidery going? Still doing that?," her father asks a teary-eyed Alessandra. "Maybe that's your calling. For some people it's marriage and family and the warmth of a home, and maybe for you it's the detailed embroidery."
Alessandra may seem like an obedient daughter here, but don't expect her to stay that way — this movie is an R-rated sex comedy, after all. It's not long before the nuns in The Little Hours escalate into debauchery, which includes sex, drugs, and Dave Franco. The new movie, which hits theaters on June 30, follows Alessandra and her fellow nuns — portrayed by Aubrey Plaza and Kate Micucci — as they experience a sexual awakening thanks to Franco's farmhand Massetto.
It's raunchy madness — and maybe just the thing Alessandra needs to stick it to her less-than-loving dad.

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