Olivia Munn's New Beauty Secret Is Not Vegetarian-Friendly

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.
Read any article about Olivia Munn from the past five years, and you’re guaranteed to find at least a mention of Japanese sweet potatoes, if not an entire ode to their supposed anti-aging power. (And if you Google "Japanese sweet potatoes," a picture of Munn will come up.) The actress has long touted a specific variety, the hyaluronic acid-rich satsuma-imo, as her key to maintaining a youthful complexion and healthy glow.
“I've talked about this before and I still stand by it: Japanese potatoes that are high in hyaluronic acid help keep wrinkles away,” Munn wrote on Instagram last year, after fans accused her of getting facial fillers. But, if a new interview with Stylish is any indication, Munn has taken a step back from her old standby and a step toward a more unexpected — but still edible — beauty secret: beef jerky.
She credits the “steak in a bag” with helping her wean off sugar and carbs, particularly the sort you eat mindlessly when you’re trying to be healthy by stashing a granola bar in your bag. “The thing for me is that it's a really easy go-to snack that has lots of protein, and it's really low in sugar and carbs,” the star said. Low in sugar and carbs is a good thing if you, like Munn, are committed to aging backwards. “Eating a lot of processed sugar stiffens collagen, which causes wrinkling,” Debra Jaliman, MD, told us.
Will jerky replace the rare satsuma-imo as Munn’s go-to answer to the question of how she still looks 25 at 36? Only time will tell. But if convenience and portability are her top priorities, then our money is on jerky for the win. It’s a shame, but there just aren’t many clutches you can comfortably fit a sweet potato in.

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