Twitter Rolled Out A New Look & Users Reacted Accordingly

On Thursday, Twitter unveiled a significant redesign and rolled out changes across all its platforms.
Some of the new features on iOS include a new side navigation menu that allows you to access your profile, Moments, and settings; reducing the number of tabs that appear at the bottom of the app, which gives it a cleaner look; and allowing links to articles and websites to open in the app's Safari browser.
On the design front, the popular social network also made some changes to the typography and the profile photos, which are now round instead of the original square. Twitter also swapped some of the icons to make them "more intuitive." For example, the reply icon was changed from an arrow to a speech bubble.
The redesign built up some of the changes the platform made for Android last year and makes Twitter look consistent across all platforms.
Another big change allows tweets to update instantly when there's a reply, retweet, or like. This allows users to see conversations as they happen in real time. Other features include the introduction of more accessibility choices, such as increased color contrast, and also the choice to always use Safari Reader view for supported links.
As soon as news of the redesign started filtering, some people predicted exactly how other users would react to the update.
When the update hit the web, there was confusion.
And also anger.
Because this is Twitter, there were obviously plenty of jokes.
There were even some brave souls who admitted they actually enjoy Twitter dot com's new look.
But, in the end, someone said what we were all thinking: Users may be complaining now, but they'll eventually get used to Twitter's new face.

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