This Unicorn Pizza Looks Delicious

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There are two ways to make me happy, and they involve 1) pizza, and 2) dessert. (Take me to a pizzeria with a killer chocolate cake and I'll be the happiest girl on the planet.)
So, naturally, I'm thrilled by the prospect of "unicorn pizza," the latest addition to the controversial unicorn food trend. Call me basic, but this is one rainbow concoction I can totally get behind — even if you'll never see me sipping on a unicorn frappuccino.
According to Cosmopolitan, this trendy new item — guaranteed to be blowing up Instagram — hails from Industry Kitchen, a New York City restaurant proud of its ostentatious food displays. And why shouldn't they be? Their Instagram pics make everything from gooey, cheesy French onion soup to cauliflower steak look beautiful. Of course, the item everyone will be obsessed with is less dinner and more dessert — even though pizza is in the name.
The rainbow pizza, officially titled Pop Candy Land Pizza, contains everything a good nutritionist would probably prefer you didn't consume for dinner. (Or, at least, not too often.) For a post-meal treat, though? A slice of this pie sounds perf. It's made with rainbow dough, then covered in icing and topped with sprinkles, Pop Rocks, and a pretty poof of cotton candy. (You can look at all the pretty pics over at Cosmo.)
Can't make it to NYC or get a reservation at Industry Kitchen? Fortunately, unicorn pizza is only one of the few ways to get your pastel fix. You could go DIY and make your own unicorn toast by swirling beet juice into your cream cheese, or buy some color-changing noodles for a fun take on an Asian-inspired salad. While you missed the boat on the unicorn frappucino, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with unicorn hot cocoa — complete with oodles and oodles of sprinkles.
Of course, it's not that hard to make your own unicorn pizza. If you're feeling ambitious, why not knead some food coloring into your homemade pizza dough? Your Instagram followers will thank you.

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