Only One Of These People Is Actually Gigi Hadid

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images.
With a look like hers, you'd assume the only person in the world who looks like Gigi Hadid is, well, Gigi Hadid. But, as Byrdie pointed out Thursday, there's another model sporting the 22-year-old's laid-back, beachy waves and golden face. Scroll past Danish model Amalie Schou on Instagram, and you'll like do a double-take.
Though we'll admit some photos definitely bare the resemblance more than others (see: here, here, and here), it's impossible to deny the uncanny similarities: The same golden blonde hair, blue eyes, and model-like pout. It makes sense, too, considering both women have Scandinavian roots (Hadid's mother, Yolanda, is from The Netherlands; Schou is from Denmark).

By @makeupbecca?

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Beyond physical features, the two also seem to share style preferences: Note the very model off-duty pairing of cropped jeans and Adidas Stan Smiths. She also enjoys a solid dose of athleisure, and understands the power of an all-black look. Plus, she's got the poses, down-pat, and seems to be spending a good amount of time in Los Angeles (we're praying for a Parent Trap-esque moment, please).

New jeans new hair? Thanks to @salsalhair !!??

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First Bella Hadid and Carla Bruni. Now Gigi and Amalie. It really makes you wonder: How many celebrity doppelgängers are out there just waiting to be discovered? (And, if you're looking for more right now, we've already got the investigation going).

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