Khloe Kardashian "Fake Tried" Getting Pregnant While Married To Lamar Odom

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.
Many fans identified with the onscreen struggle Khloé Kardashian went through during her fertility treatments on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But in a new clip from the show, Kardashian reveals that she stopped the treatments after realizing she didn't necessarily want to have children with her ex-husband, Lamar Odom.
The bombshell clip comes ahead of Sunday's Keeping Up With The Kardashians season finale. In the sneak peek video, Kardashian meets with Andy Huang, M.D. The appointment came amid discussions about the possibility of Kardashian acting as a surrogate for her sister, Kim Kardashian, if she decided to have a third child.
"I fake tried. I was married, but I knew the circumstances weren't the healthiest," Kardashian tells Huang of her relationship with Odom. "So, I just kept pretending I was doing it."
Later, Kardashian tells the camera that her fertility treatments were "more so for Lamar" than for herself. "I had to stop, because there was much deeper stuff that was happening in our marriage. I knew, you know, that it wasn't the right situation to bring a child into. And I think I've done a lot of covering up for him, like, even when it made me look like I was the problem. But I was fine taking on that burden on my shoulders, because he had a lot of other, deeper shit to deal with."
It's not clear if the other Kardashians knew about Khloé's secret. Kim is with her at the fertility appointment and doesn't appear surprised in the clip, though that doesn't necessarily mean she was in on the decision. We'll probably learn more about how the rest of the family was affected by her reveal in the finale — until then, you can view the emotional clip below.
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