Gal Gadot Thanks Fans After Wonder Woman Breaks Box-Office Records

Gal Gadot wants to say thank you. No, not to the Academy or anything like that, People reports that the actor posted a sweet Instagram video showing a major dose of gratitude for all the fans that went out to see Wonder Woman over the weekend. And while the gesture is pretty great in and of itself, Gadot has plenty to celebrate. Not only did the movie get stellar reviews all around, it debuted at the top of the box office and broke a slew of records, too.
"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you," Gadot says in the video, which looks like it was shot during a relaxing afternoon hike. "Thank you for making this weekend the most amazing weekend and craziest weekend I've ever had in my life."
Crazy doesn't begin to describe it. Not only was Gadot jetting across the globe to promote Wonder Woman, she was basically Diana Prince IRL, taking on all the naysayers that said a female-fronted superhero flick wouldn't work (see: Electra, Catwoman, etc.) and that there was no way to shed the negativity associated with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Well, leave it to Wonder Woman to break through it all. People reports that Wonder Woman took in $115 million domestically. Overseas, it has already earned $125 million, making for a global gross of $240 million. All that in just one weekend. Oh, it's also the highest-grossing domestic film by a female director. Ever. For comparison, Dawn of Justice earned $166 million in its opening weekend.
"You made this movie what it is and your love and support for this character and for myself are not to be taken for granted," she continued. "I mean, Wonder Woman, No. 1 movie in the whole world. This is all you. I'm sending you guys all the good energy and love back."
It seems the world wants to thank Gadot for doing a kick-ass job of portraying one of comics' most iconic heroes. DC already confirmed that there'll be a sequel — complete with Patty Jenkins' return as director. And she'll be back in Justice League, too. And while many thought that Batman and Superman would carry that film, DC may be looking at things a little differently now that Diana Prince is breaking records.
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