This Guy Got His Girlfriend & Her Dog Matching Gifts

Anyone who's dating an animal lover should know that no matter how much they love you, there is just no bond like the one between humans and their pets. Thankfully, Nicholas Purvis recognizes this. So when it came time for him to get his girlfriend Cassandra a Christmas present, he couldn't leave her dog Lucky out.
"She loves two things more than me," Nicholas told Buzzfeed of Cassandra. "Sleeping and her dog." Armed with this information, he created a present that incorporates both of Cassandra's favorite things: a customized blanket with a photo of her canine companion on it.
But to truly honor Lucky, he had to take it a step further, so he asked himself what Lucky loved as well. The answer he arrived at was, of course, Cassandra.
The idea was a success: The matching gifts cracked Cassandra up. No word on Lucky's reaction, but based on the photo, the dog at least found it comfortable enough to take a nap on.
"I just thought it was funny, who has that? It didn't have any profound meaning except to be extra," said Nicholas. "She didn't think I could actually get her something she would really like. A lot of people don't get her good gifts. So she was pretty surprised."
A photo of the blankets has gotten over 400 upvotes on the "doggos" subeddit and over 100,000 likes on Twitter, where people are asking their own significant others to do the same thing for them. One Reddit commenter pointed out that Cassandra and Lucky are even making the same face — both with their heads tilted a bit to the right.
Nick and Cassandra have been together for eight months and met six years ago. Cassandra and Lucky, however, go back 15 years. Since a dog can't really wear a friendship bracelet, this blankets really are a genius way for a dog and human to celebrate their relationship.

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