Great Gatsby Fans, This Could Be Your New Favorite TV Show

Raise a glass of bubbly, because Amazon is bringing another F. Scott Fitzgerald classic to life. Following in the flapper footsteps of Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby (2013), Hello Giggles reports that the streaming service is releasing The Last Tycoon, a nine-part series based on an unfinished Fitzgerald novel.
Unfamiliar with the work? That's okay. While Gatsby is required reading for most of us, The Last Tycoon is one of Fitzgerald's less-read efforts. And the fact that it's unfinished probably doesn't help out, either. The series and book swap out upper crust New York enclaves for the glitz and glam of Old Hollywood circa 1930. So, while there's no Empire State, flappers still abound. The show stars Matt Bomer, who plays Monroe Stahr, a budding Hollywood heavy-hitter modeled after Irving Thalberg.
Kelsey Grammer plays Pat Brady, a more established Tinseltown producer. Naturally, Stahr wants his own time in the spotlight and Brady's not about to let a young upstart take anything from him. Lily Collins plays Brady's daughter, Celia, who also happens to dream about a life in pictures — only it's behind the camera, too. Nepotism, sexism, feminism, and plenty of other -isms are at play, so it's sure to be a thrilling take on Fitzgerald.
Back in 1976, Robert DeNiro starred in a film adaptation of The Last Tycoon (he played the lead, because DeNiro). And while that one's gotten to film archives, it seems like Amazon's lush take on the novel and audiences' penchant for eating up anything related to flappers and Fitzgerald, this miniseries may hit the sweet spot for everyone.
Check out the preview, below. The Last Tycoon will be available to stream on July 28.
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