This Limited-Edition Lush Product Is Back Forever By Popular Demand

Like a short-lived summer fling, getting your hands on a limited-edition beauty product can be thrilling — but there’s always a chance you’ll get your heart broken along the way. What’s worse than stumbling upon something you feel like you can’t live without, only to have to accept the fact that once it’s gone, it’s really gone? You know what they say about love: It hurts.
When Lush released the Scrubee bar as a spring exclusive back in March, the buzz was deafening. Fans were adamant from the get-go that the body butter be made a part of the permanent collection — they gave it five-star ratings across the board on the brand’s website, stated in their reviews that, yes, they would recommend it to a friend, and blew up Lush’s Instagram to make their feelings known. And it worked.

Tell dry skin to buzz off! 🐝🐝🐝#scrubeebodybutter

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Back by (extremely) popular demand, the sold-out Scrubee will soon be joining the brand’s permanent lineup, all year-round. This is good news not just for those who got hooked on the bumblebee-shaped bar the first time around, but also everyone who missed their chance to try the cult favorite before it flew off the shelves. People are obsessed for a reason: The alternating stripes contain coconut shell and ground almonds for gentle exfoliation, along with moisturizing honey, shea butter, and cocoa butter, for the softest, most sweetly-scented skin you could dream of. Oh, and it’s pretty damn cute, too.
The relaunch is tentatively planned for the end of July, so you won’t have to wait much longer before you can harness Scrubee’s skin-softening powers once again. We’re still not off the hook for saving the bees, but this isn’t the worst place to start.

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