10 Essential Containers For Summer Food Prep

Taking a walk outside of the office to grab lunch and enjoy some much needed fresh air is a summer perk we love. Plus, we've pretty much exhausted our meal prepping and packing efforts from the dull winter weather months — and the idea of yet another sad desk tupperware situation is bleak. But we can't eat out everyday or our warm-weather budget will bite it, so in reality, packing is still very much a necessity.
In order to bring a little excitement to this inevitable money-saving method, we've scoured the web for the coolest summer containers. We're talking about pretty blue jars, carafes, palm-printed tupperware, reusable and multi-colored bamboo bowls, and even a quirky lunch bag for toting it all. The following ten products are perfect for a wide variety of munching occasions, whether you want to nibble at your desk or take some grub to the park.

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