Here's Your First Look At Jill Zarin's Gossipy Return To RHONY

Photo: Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic.
She's baaa-ack! Jill Zarin is making her long anticipated return to the The Real Housewives of New York City on next Wednesday's episode. 53-year-old Zarin, who departed from the show at the end of season 4 and cut ties with many of the women on the show, appears at a dinner hosted by Tom and Luann. And, much like us, she is so here for the drama of RHONY — specifically, that steaming hot gossip.
As fans know, Luann and her fiancé Tom have long been battling allegations of Tom's infidelity from multiple sources — including those made in the confrontation Housewives Ramona, Bethenny, Carol, and Sonja had with Luann in the Berkshires the prior weekend. In the clip, Luann and Tom are hosting a dinner with their friends. The only Housewife with a seat at the table, unsurprisingly, is Dorinda, who has stuck by Luann's side throughout her rocky engagement. Also on the guest list? Our good old friends, Jill and Bobby Zarin.
The O.G. housewives gets the low-down about the recent Berkshires blowout between Bethenny and Ramona — gossip she is clearly enjoying hearing, given that both women are ex-friends of hers. Then Tom and Luann reveal the "bullshit" cheating accusations that Ramona won't let go of. Zarin is firmly on Team Luann & Tom, of course. "Can you put a GPS on him please? Then we can all breathe," she jokes. When the couple accuse Ramona of calling Tom's friends in California in order to get dirt on him, Zarin throws her hands up in typical Jill fashion. "That is so obnoxious!" she says. Zarin is clearly here for Team Gossip too. "I miss it," she admits. "I’m not gonna lie, I kind of miss the gossip." And we kind of miss you, Jill.

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