Bethenny Frankel On Battle With Ex After Divorce: "I’m In Goddamn Hell"

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Bethenny Frankel's divorce may be over, but that doesn't mean her hellish situation is anywhere near through. On Wednesday night's Real Housewives of New York, the 46-year-old opened up about the "torturous" battle she's still waging with ex Jason Hoppy following their official split in July 2016.
Frankel's breakdown was sparked by cast mate Luann's suggestion that the best way to find love is to listen to your heart and your gut, not your head. (Luann was on the defense after just fending off accusations about her fiancé Tom's philandering ways after the ladies confronted her about it.) "Luann, my heart and gut and instinct got me in the toilet bowl," Frankel began. "[It's] the worst situation of my entire life. I’m literally in a dungeon and torture chamber, and that is because I just went with my heart and my gut and could never have imagined what happened. That is real."
She continued, "You have no idea what I’ve been through. And hopefully you’ll never know. I didn’t go through shit, I’m in shit. I’m not done. I’ll never be done. It’s not your gut and your heart and all this shit. You have to be smart. Because I’m in goddamn hell, and it’ll never end."
The happily single Skinnygirl founder did acknowledge all the great things she has in life, but said that the terrible situation with Hoppy is a dark cloud over all that. "I’m happy and I’m rich and I have a beautiful daughter and a business and my life is great and I have a great guy and all the boxes are checked," she explained, "but I have a disaster of a situation that you could never write or dream about."
Frankel and Hoppy tied the knot in 2009, welcomed their daughter Bryn in 2010, and first announced their breakup in December 2012. For three years, they had a prolonged and ugly divorce, much of which was kept under wraps but involved division of assets and custody of Bryn. After all that, their divorce was finally made officially last summer. But things have only gotten worse since, it seems, as both sides prepare for another legal battle. Hoppy was arrested for stalking and harassing his ex-wife in January this year. In March, he rejected a plea deal; the case will go to court June 27.

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