This OITNB Guest Star Just Got Confirmed For More Episodes

Photo: Netflix
It’s hard to imagine Orange Is the New Black, without the ever frank Frieda Berlin, played by actress Dale Soules.
Since season two of the series, Frieda’s candor and talent for dropping murder advice with the panache of a worldly philosopher has been a fan favorite. “Why dig one six-foot hole when you can dig six one-foot holes? That's just murder math!" she said in one memorable scene.
Thankfully Frieda is here to stay. As reported by Deadline, Soules’ character has been signed on as a regular for season six of the series. Meaning fans are surely in for a lot more of those offbeat, no-nonsense tales about previous her life outside of Litchfield’s walls. In season five we learned the gruesome reason as to why she was sent to jail in the first place. Spoiler — she cut off her husband’s penis. “The way it flopped around in my fist. Best thing I ever did." Oof.
Though Frieda is known to hang with the prison’s elders, The Golden Girls, make no mistake she’s not a woman you’d want to cross.
The good news about the beloved character comes just a few days before season five drops on June 9. The series will presumably pick up where we last left off: The inmates have taken control of the prison following the death of the beloved character Poussey Washington.
Fans are definitely eager for the next season: A hacker (or group of hackers) reportedly leaked several episodes of season five ahead of it’s debut. And earlier this month, Netflix was the victim of another leak when descriptions of each episode found their way to Wikipedia.

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