Lorde Loved Her Teen Smoothie Cashier So Much She Invited Her To Governors Ball

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You know how summer jobs are a good way to make money? Well, they're also a good way to meet celebrities, like Lorde, and even be invited to attend a music festival as their personal guest. Yes, really — that just happened to one lucky teenager this week.
19-year-old Emely Paula was only two weeks into her new job at Liquiteria, a Manhattan smoothie joint, when in walked Lorde, she tells Buzzfeed via Twitter DMs. Paula says that Lorde casually walked in and ordered a Blue Velvet (Ed Note: This is the greatest flavor of smoothie and tastes like a blueberry muffin — good choice Lorde) from the starstruck fan. Paula tells BuzzFeed that afterwards, she asked if she could grab her phone to document the interaction, surely thinking it would be the last time she would come into contact with the famous songstress. She posted the resulting Snapchat video to her Twitter feed and quickly went viral because it is so stinkin' cute. In the words of Paula, "I am shook." The two also appear to exchange a quick high-five.
But then, things escalated. Lorde slid into Paula's DMs and invited her to Governors Ball, the New York music festival happening on Randall's Island this weekend where the singer is performing Friday. If the DMs are real (which they appear to be), Lorde's message about being too "shy" to invite her in person is literally so Lorde of her.
And as of yesterday morning, it sounds like the future Liquiteria employee of the month is going to actually go!
Anyone else in the mood for a Blue Velvet?
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