The Cast Of Pretty Little Liars Picked The Creepiest Episodes As Their Favorites

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Pretty Little Liars is low-key one of the scariest shows on television. Thanks to its casual decapitations (RIP, Noel Kahn) to constant use of creepy dolls, it's perfectly acceptable to watch the series through your hands. However, when it comes to the cast of Pretty Little Liars, they are all for upping the creep factor. In fact, the PLL cast's favorite episodes include some of the scariest scenes on TV.
If watching the Liars navigate that twisted dollhouse or hop aboard the Ghost Train for season 3's very creepy Halloween episode freaked you out, than you may not agree with the cast's choice for the series' best episodes. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the real-life Liars revealed what episodes left their mark on their minds, and of course it was the ones that gave all of us nightmares:
"The dollhouse [episodes were] really special," said Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer.
Ashley Benson, who plays Hanna, also agreed that the dollhouse was the most fun for the actors:
"It literally felt like we were doing a Hunger Games movie. I remember us all being so excited. We never got to do anything of that sort before, being locked in one place for two episodes."
"[The dollhouse] was cool because it finally pulled us out of the rest of the world and put us into the darkness," added Bellisario.
Other episodes that the actors adored? The one in which Aria (Lucy Hale) got trapped in a box with a dead body, aka season 3's "This Is A Dark Ride." However, Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily, revealed that there was one major drawback to shooting that particular Halloween episode.
"We wanted to puke because the [train] was on chains, and we were moving and dancing," Mitchell told EW.
"That was crazy," recalled Bellisario. "As we would shoot, there would be like grips jumping on the sides [to move the train.]"
Alas, with the crazy train that is PLL pulling into its final station all too soon, we'll have less time to create new favorite episodes. Here's hoping that the show's finale becomes the episode that leaves the biggest lasting mark on the cast and the fans who are having a hard time saying goodbye.
Watch the whole video below:

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