Even Gordon Ramsay Can’t Win A Cursing Battle With Kevin Spacey

Photo: Rob Latour/Shutterstock/REX
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay doesn’t hold back. He’s a man unfamiliar with the restraint required to bite ones tongue. And you can forget the maxim, If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Ramsay only speaks with fiery vitriol rolling off his tongue. Actor Kevin Spacey is far more kind. Even after seeing him portray some pretty ferocious characters on screen, he’s seems like a much safer option to bring around grandma.
Or at least we thought as much was true until a video surfaced on Ramsay’s YouTube page promoting his newest show, The F Word. The two men chat outside, standing in front of what looks like a fancy BBQ spread (just in time for Memorial Day, of course).
“‘Scuse me, we’re f***ing filming,” says a (fake) irate Spacey. The House of Cards star then proceed to drop f-bomb after f-bomb while discussing his latest one-man production, Clarence Darrow. Meanwhile, the British chef turns on the charm and drops just a few kindhearted f-bombs with a smile. It’s just enough to remain a contender in the expletive-laced race, though it’s clear Spacey wins this round.
However, the best part of the clip was Spacey’s spot-on Bill Clinton impersonation. It’s one we’ve heard before.
“How did you master such a difficult f***ing accent?” asks Ramsay.
“It’s not that hard,” says Spacey in Clinton’s familiar hoarse-sounding, strained vocal register. “I love you fish, I’d never say f*ck off to you,” he continued using the same voice, while stuffing his face. Even the 57-year-old actor has his limits. As for Ramsay, he’s made it clear time and time again: Everything is up for harsh criticism.
The F Word premieres on Fox on May 31. Check out the teaser below!

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