This Reporter Could Not Keep It Together On The Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride

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Yesterday, Disney California Adventure welcomed a brand-new ride to the park: Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout (technically, it's The Hollywood Tower of Terror with a facelift, but let's not get into those details). Before the general public got to follow in the footsteps of Rocket Raccoon to save his buddies, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the press got to ride the attraction to build the hype and give viewers a little preview. Well, it seems that Cory James, a correspondent for ABC30, wasn't quite prepared for the thrilling ride. The Huffington Post reports that James could not hold his composure during his trip to space — and the video will either have you rushing towards Anaheim, CA, or cringing.
For anyone unfamiliar with the ride, it's an elevator-style drop ride, where passengers get shot up (a new addition, since the old Tower of Terror version didn't include a sudden vertical leap) to the top of the ride and plummet down. James, surrounded by a cadre of Marvel superfans (one claims to have gone on the ride 13 times), seems pretty excited to go on the journey, but as soon as the ride starts, he cracks.
"This was not a good idea," James says during one of the ride's stops (perfect for a Star-Lord cameo).
The entire time, he's screaming his head off, eyes closed (Hey! There's a pretty sweet view from the top of that tower, Cory!), and his Groot-gloved hands clenched in fear. As the ride goes up and down (and up and down, since each cycle gets its own unique combo of rises and drops), James can. Not. Stop. Yelling.
For anyone that thinks that James was simply overreacting, he called the experience "traumatizing." While he obviously didn't know what to expect, he could never have predicted that his exuberance would go viral. Check out the video (turn your volume down), below:
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