Robert Pattinson Filmed A Whole Movie On The Streets Of NYC & Nobody Recognized Him

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With the 24-hour news cycle, paparazzi camped out just about everywhere, and "anonymous tips" flowing like Champagne at a movie premiere, it's tough for movie productions (and their stars) to stay under the radar. However, one of the biggest targets for the paps managed to film an entire movie without a single photo from the set getting leaked. According to Page Six, Robert Pattinson's newest movie, Good Time, was filmed "guerrilla style" right on the streets of New York.
"I was so nervous about people finding out about the shoot and paparazzi being there, just destroying the whole illusion of it," Pattinson told The Hollywood Reporter. "It was interesting. With the makeup and the look — we did these pockmarks on my skin — and no one recognized me. We shot an entire movie on the streets of New York, and not even a single person took a cell phone picture. It was crazy."
In the film, Pattinson stars as a crook who tries to break his brother out of jail. But how did the star, dogged by paparazzi since his days starring in the Twilight saga, manage to give photographers the slip? He transformed himself with a scruffy look, loads of makeup, and perfecting his disappearing act.
"I was really practicing ways to kind of like disappear," he said, according to Page Six. "It just takes one person."
Luckily, not one person realized the movie was even in production on the NYC streets. He started the shady ethos back in the audition stages. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pattinson auditioned for the film in character by using a different accent, hoping the unorthodox approach would keep him from being recognized. Good Times' directors, Josh and Benny Safdie, usually use "guerrilla casting" and Pattinson didn't want any special treatment.
"A lot of their casting is like street casting, and I just always want to be street cast," Pattinson said. "I would have another character to go audition for another character."
He's a sneaky one, that RPattz. Maybe he took a few cues from his Edward Cullen days of brooding just out of Bella Swan's eye line.
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