Strong Opinions Loosely Held
Do Liberals And Conservatives Agree On ANYTHING?

In an effort to burst our liberal bubble, we spoke to a group of conservative women to see if we can agree on anything about the future policies of the US.

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You've probably noticed that the United States is currently embroiled in a period of extreme political polarization. From the way we envision the best uses of government spending, to the future of immigrants, women's rights, and affordable healthcare, it can feel like red states and blue states can't really agree on anything these days.
Are our ideologies as diametrically opposed as they seem? In an experiment aimed at bursting our own blue bubble, we spoke with a group of conservative women to see if liberal and conservative voters can agree on literally anything. It may be surprising, but there were actually quite a few ideas we could all get behind. Watch the video above to see the concerns that unite us as Americans, regardless of party-lines.
Liberal Conservative Political Compromises AgreementsReleased on May 27, 2017

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