Consider Thigh Chafing & Boob Sweat A Thing Of The Past With This Genius Line

Photographed by Ashley Armitage.
Summer — no matter how plentiful the rosé, rooftop parties, and beach trips — can sometimes still rub people the wrong way. We mean that in the literal sense, BTW, because with sweat-inducing heat and rising hemlines, your odds of developing uncomfortable chafing between your thighs and arms spikes indefinitely. And let us not forget the beauty bummer many who ride the subway in July know all too well: boob sweat.
Blogger Katie Sturino, of @the12ishstyle, feels our pain, and adds that the likelihood of having to deal with these issues can be higher for plus-sized women like herself. Sturino quickly discovered, however, that finding a solution for said sticky situations was no easy feat. That's why she created Megababe, a product line meant to solve every body discomfort issue that pops up — so you can go back to enjoying summer.
"Believe me, I've looked everywhere for a cool cure to thigh chafing that didn't come in cheesy packaging or smell like shit, and I couldn't find it," she says. "I literally had to create it myself. This line just gets to the point and actually looks cool, too."
Her impending solution? Megababe Thigh Rescue, an anti-chafing stick that's loaded with aloe vera extracts to soothe, plus grapeseed oil and vitamin E to form a frictionless base on skin. When we tried it for ourselves, it glided on just like a lip balm would— minus the tacky feel — and was easy to lug around in our purses. But Sturino didn't stop there. She also created Megababe Bust Dust, and anti-boob sweat powder that comes with a handy pump applicator. "The big differentiator between this product and other powders is the applicator," she says. "Nobody wants to get white powder all over their hands — that is too messy!"
Plus, not only does the talc-free formula sop up any oil or sweat in the underboob area, it's also jam-packed with ingredients like lavender and chamomile, which make our skin feel way less sticky — and softer, even — than it normally would on a warm day in May. Consider us sold.

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