Fragrances For Sugar Daddies Exist, Because Of Course They Do

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You're familiar with the term "sugar daddy," correct? Not the block of caramel candy or Essie's pink nail polish shade, of course, but the one that refers to the monetary relationship between one super old, super rich man and an infinitely younger mate. Going out on a limb here, but chances are you too have wondered what goes on behind closed doors with such an arrangement.
More specifically: What does it take for hedge fund owner Marcus Moneybags* to go from colloquial online suitor to Richard Gere in Pretty Woman? Is it a spritz of a certain cologne that leads a sugar baby into the arms of his or her dapper soulmate? Must he leave a lingering trail of fragrance — the kind that reeks of cash with top notes of plastic credit card — in the hotel room behind him? Well, it certainly can be, claims dating website
Wait... what!? That's right, according to the company's pitch email, this new fragrance collection, called "The Essence Of Sugar Dating," includes six scents that combine "pheromone-based aphrodisiac compounds that are scientifically proven to increase sexual attraction and appeal." You know, for days an order of oysters fresh out the ocean won't do.
The men's line features three aptly-named scents. You've got Opulence, a "sexy, fresh and aquatic aroma with bergamot, neroli, and tangerine [that] combines notes of rosemary, jasmine on a woody – err, woodsy – base." NSA, the muskier floral fragrance, is meant to evoke a "contemporary tale of forbidden love with no strings attached." (Whatever the hell that means.) And finally, Liquid Assets, perhaps the most straight-forward of the bunch: It is a "gentle scent with fresh mint, lavender, orange blossom and woods that stimulates the senses — and your checkbook." (We sure hope so, considering one bottle will set you back $99 and is only available to those with a membership.)
"Our scents undeniably capture the seductive fragrance of wealth, and the desire for it, so sugar babies and daddies can simply follow their nose to their next arrangement," Andrea Johnson, the chief marketing officer for the website, said in the press release. Which leads us to our final question: Is this what modern-day romance looks like?
*Marcus Moneybags is not a real name.

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