Wonder Woman Is Officially The Most Anticipated Movie Of Summer

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
The new Wonder Woman movie is giving me a lot of feelings. For starters, it's about a badass woman — and that's great. But on the other hand, it's a movie about badass woman in constricting latex attire. That's annoying. No matter what, though, I'm pretty damn excited t0 see it. And according to new data, I'm far from the only one.
The movie ticket service Fandango surveyed moviegoers about the upcoming summer blockbusters, and Wonder Woman landed at the top of the list. After the Gal Gadot favorite, the next four most anticipated movies coming this summer are: Spider-Man: Homecoming, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Stephen King's The Dark Tower, and Dunkirk.
Let that sink in. Wonder Woman is a bigger deal — at least in terms of hype — than the Christopher Nolan war movie Dunkirk, which stars Harry Styles. It's almost as if women make up the majority of moviegoers or something, you know? (This is a true fact, one box office statistics have repeatedly proven.)
Fandango sent out an additional survey questioning why moviegoers were excited for Wonder Woman. Of these viewers, 92% are pumped for a standalone female superhero movie. Of the same group, 87% want Hollywood to make more movies featuring female superheroes. Note: It's been a minute since we had such a film led solely by a woman. Superhero "squad" movies like The Avengers and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice have featured the likes of Black Widow and Catwoman, but we've yet to see these characters receive solo films of their own. In fact, by our calculations, the last full-fledged woman-led superhero movie was 2005's Elektra, the Jennifer Garner vehicle that was largely seen as a flop.
Getting Wonder Woman on screen was no easy feat, either. The character has been around for 76 years now; and she's only just received the feature film treatment. Despite a television series and one made-for-TV movie, Diana Prince has been stuck in limbo for almost a century. Joss Whedon tried to make his own version of the film in the mid-'90s, which Warner Brothers passed on. It's no wonder people can't wait to see the Patti Jenkins-directed movie once it finally hits theaters.
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