No Everyone, Brandy Is Not Pregnant

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Sounds like everyone has forgotten this basic rule of thumb: don't congratulate somebody on their pregnancy if they haven't announced that they are pregnant. Otherwise, one might have to do what Brandy did. After fans mistook one of the singer's Instagram posts for a pregnancy announcement, Brandy changed all her social media bios to an official statement debunking rumors.
"People, I'm not pregnant!!!" both her Twitter and Instagram bios for the artist and hair icon read. "I got too much work to do. I just like pancakes and chocolate cake... let me live!!"
Extremely relatable!
The post in question was a picture of the singer performing alongside a caption expressing thanks. The empire waist combined with her pose combined with the emotional caption could lead people to believe she was hinting at something, but unless the caption is, "Hello, I am pregnant!" I would shy away from making those bold statements in the comments and online.
"Dear God, I can finally see you in me," the caption reads. "Continue to use me so that I may continue to know the joy of being used by you. I promise to cut back on my clap backs. #wink❤️ I love you."
Luckily, everyone has a sense of humor about the mix-up, including fans who were totally convinced that baby number two was on the way.
"I already told like 50 ppl my fav is preggers so imma hope she gets pregnant in the next few mins so ion [sic] have to take back my lies," one commented.
As for baby number one, Sy'rai Iman Smith, she also has some thoughts about the news.
"My mother is not pregnant," she captioned a Snapchat. "I'm not gonna have any more siblings. I like being an only child. Thank you lord."
Iman later added, "She just ate chocolate cake and pancakes every day. I was there."
Brandy posted the Snaps on Twitter, adding "I can't Iman...get off social media at school lil lady."
Let's hope this puts the rumors to rest.

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