Rita Ora Doesn't Know Who Designed Her Dress

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Red carpet interviews rarely probe a person’s deep dreams or desires. The fluffy conversation is limited to talk of significant others, career moves, and, of course, the inevitable question: “What are you wearing tonight?”
Though she’s been a red carpet regular since 2012, Rita Ora forgot to prepare for that ubiquitous question. When the presenter asked who designed her dress, a dramatic garment with a white bodice and sheer skirt, Ora immediately became flustered.
Maybe it was the Las Vegas heat. Maybe it was her lack of passable Italian. Either way, Ora struggled to enunciate the designer’s name. “I’m wearing an Italian designer. I’m scared I might not pronounce his surname right, so I’m going to say Francesco.” Somewhere in Italy, a Francesco withered. In the past, Ora’s worn the work of designer Francesco Scognamiglio — he’s our best guess as to the identity of the withering Francesco.
Acutely aware of how this might come off, Ora pleaded to the Fashion Police that they not skewer her too brutally in the commentary.
Putting her hand on her head, Ora said, “Please don’t kill me, Fashion Police, because I know you’re about to kill and destroy. I know they’re going to say, ‘Rita doesn’t know what she’s wearing!’ Don’t kill me!” By the sound of it, the Fashion Police are the most dangerous force in Hollywood.
While Ora may have forgotten who designed the dress, she had one person in particular to thank for her look. Last night, Ora saw Cher live in London, and was inspired by the singer to pair a very visible black thong with her dress.
“[Cher] has the black thong on. I needed to be inspired. So I was just rocking it and moving it — why not?” Ora said, while rocking it and moving it on camera.
For a good three seconds, Ora proudly turned around to show off her black thong to the camera.
The recipient of this year’s Billboard Music Icon Award, Cher will be performing later this evening. We can expect Ora to be “rocking it and moving it” along with her.
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