This Is What Wearing 100 Sheet Masks At Once Looks Like

Right when you thought you could confidently say that the viral 100-layers trend had gone the way of Tebowing and the mannequin challenge, Charlotte Cho, co-founder of the popular K-beauty retailer Soko Glam, decided to celebrate the company’s milestone of 100,000 Instagram followers in a totally reasonable fashion: by putting on 100 sheet masks at once.
Cho shared a video of the process to Soko Glam’s Instagram, but not without a disclaimer. “We do NOT promote or recommend trying on 100 sheet masks at the same time! This video should not be recreated — it was done for fun,” the caption reads.
That’s most likely because, by the time Cho reaches the halfway point, suffocation does not seem outside the realm of possibility. In fact, she requests a straw be placed in her mouth in order to breathe — kind of like snorkeling, except she's not even a little bit underwater.
Just the thought of having 100 layers of wet, heavy cotton clinging to your face is enough to make any claustrophobe scream — and we won’t even get into the budgetary aspect of the experiment. All we know is that the revival of the challenge only reinforced something we already knew: that 100 layers of anything is far too many, no matter how hydrated your skin feels afterward.

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