Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale & Avril Lavigne Will All Play Disney Princesses In This New Movie

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What if Prince Charming, well, wasn't so charming after all? That's the question being asked in the new animated movie Charming from the producer of Shrek. But I may have a better question for you: How did Charming manage to get Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale, and Avril Lavigne to star in this film together?
Yes, all three of these women are playing familiar princesses who just so happen to be involved with the same prince. He really is more of a cad, though, if you ask me. That's because it turns out Prince Charming is dating Snow White (Lavigne), Cinderella (Tisdale), and Sleeping Beauty (the Chinese pop star G.E.M.) without them even realizing it.
It isn't until the princesses show up asking Lovato's Lenore to bake them a wedding cake that the prince's cheating is revealed. Now Lenore's going on a journey to get some answers on exactly what is going on with this guy. That is, if he doesn't fall in love with her first.
So, who's playing this dastardly version of Prince Charming? None other than Lovato's ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, who is apparently the most hated man in all the land. It's not hard to see why with all those engagements he's planning. But it also turns out he's been cursed with the ability to make every woman who looks into his eyes fall in love with him.
Time is running out, as it so often is with these fairy tale curses, and Charming is in a race against the clock to find his one true love. Who knows, she may just be the only woman who doesn't seem to fall for his charms.
From the looks of the trailer, there are laughs to be had and lessons to be learned, but there's also an added bonus with this film. Seventeen reported that Charming includes a Lovato, Lavigne and Tisdale original song called "Trophy Boy." They're basically the girl group you never knew you wanted.
Check out the trailer for this charming film below to hear a snippet of the song that you're definitely going to have stuck in your head.
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