So, This Couple Just Got Married In The Middle Of A Marathon

It's officially wedding season, and love is in the air!
While many people will say their "I do's" at banquet halls or with their toes in the sand this summer, others will take less conventional routes, like Anthony Johnson and James Makokis, who tied the knot while running the Vancouver Marathon on May 7, according to the Huffington Post.
Yes, they got married during A MARATHON. I can hardly speak while out on a brisk walk, but hey, some people are more ambitious than others.
"Anthony Johnson & Dr. James Makokis are running the full marathon…getting married at 32km—then finishing the last 10km," Michael Bonner tweeted.
In an interview with Runner's World, the couple opened up about how they settled on the idea.
"We kind of started seeing marathon training as a metaphor for a relationship in terms of you have to put in the work and you have to have a good attitude," Johnson told Runner's World. "So we thought it would be a great way to celebrate our union by getting married."
Johnson and Makokis raced for 20km before they stepped off of the course, threw on nice jackets, and held a 30-minute ceremony surrounded by family, friends, and a number of curious bystanders, Runner's World reports.
Then, the newlyweds strapped their activity belts back on and finished the last 10km riding high on adrenaline and love.
Apparently, sweating together is what this pair does best.
"[Makokis] visited me in New York for my 30th birthday where we biked the entire city and had one of those 'only in New York' romantic kind of days," Johnson told The Cut. "That’s the day that really started our relationship."
Wishing these two a lifetime of adventure — wherever they go!

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