How Bachelor & Bachelorette Contestants Get Around The Strict Rules

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Being a contestant on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette sounds like a special mix of heaven and hell. The positives are that you may or may not meet your soulmate, travel the world, and get once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like experiencing zero gravity. (Hey, it worked on Nick and Vanessa.) You also have to give up a lot of your freedom to enjoy these perks (As well as subject yourself to various forms of emotional torture and in all likelihood embarrass yourself on national TV, but that is neither here nor there.)
Contestants are subject to a number of rules laid out by the show and enforced by producers: no phones, no TVs, no outside interactions, no funny business off-camera, etc. But, of course, the men and women on the series have figured out ways to skirt those pesky guidelines, from the "no sex before the Fantasy Suite" edict to the fact that you're not supposed to chew food on camera. Here is how the contestants get around the rules — something to keep an eye out for when Rachel Lindsay's season kicks off Monday night.

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