This Fork Hack Inspired A Nation Of Millions (To Hack Their Own Forks)

Samantha Wert, a freshman at Oklahoma State, might be our Sunday night hero, based on the creative way she found to feed herself mac & cheese this week. Where there is a will, there is a way.
We can't suggest that this fork hack is a truly satisfying way to eat your mac & cheese, but if you are backed into a corner with low cheese access, it's not a terrible idea. At the very least, it will get the job done.
Apparently, a multitude of American college students had some feelings when the "fork hack" video hit the internet this week.
The original fork hacker broke a hanger to eat her mac 'n' cheese, and pretty much everyone related.
Twitter user "Childish Sambino" shared videos and tweets from other hunger people without utensils, and they're all pretty hilarious.
Sometimes, you eat dinner with a snapped in half hanger. We do not recommend this, but we understand.
Others hopped on, sharing their own utensil hacks.
This girl is just jealous about the cheese situation. "At least they have somethign to put on their pasta," Lauren Osborne tweeted in reply.
This guy may be taking the hacks too far by using an ice scraper to eat. Yikes.
If you feel really desperate, call this girl's dad. He'd like to send a spork-o-gram. Honestly, we'd like to see that.
Don't worry though kids, life gets better after college. You get business cards (that you can use at utensils).
And that's how the great fork hack of 2017 was born. It might not be as controversial as the guy who freaked us all out by opening his bread in the creepiest way possible, but it is going to get pasta in your mouth. Some days, that's all you can hope for.
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