Why This Teen Took A Viral Photo With Her Father The Day After Prom

Many teens think of prom night as a time to impress their crushes or romance their significant others, but for Lourdes Medrano, it was just as much about family. When the 18-year-old put on her white sequined dress, she and her dad Miguel were disappointed that he wouldn't get to see her off. Unfortunately, he was at work during her prom. So, she found a way to make up for it, The Huffington Post reports.
When she greeted her dad the Sunday following the dance, she wore the dress and her hair in beautiful curls. The moment she surprised him became the subject of one of the sweetest photos ever. At least thousands of Twitter users think so. Over 400,000 people have liked her tweet sharing the picture, and over 50,000 people have retweeted it.
"My dad works so much and he didn't get to see me before prom yesterday, so I got ready again today since he was upset about no pictures," she captioned it.
The story gets even cuter when you hear the beautiful words Medrano has to say about her father. "Since my dad is always helping out with my expenses, I just wanted to show him some appreciation back," she told We are mitú. Now, he has the whole Internet's appreciation. Medrano said her dad doesn't quite understand what it means to go viral but is "in disbelief" that the photo has resonated with so many people.
"I'm gonna be honest: Before this went viral, I did appreciate him for all of his hard work," she told Vivala. "But I have recently been getting some touching stories of people who have lost their dads and how my tweet made them remember theirs! We have to appreciate our loved ones while they are still here with us."
Let this photo be a reminder to daughters everywhere of their dads' hard work and devotion, even when they can't be physically present.

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