What Happened To Wolfgang On Sense8? An Investigation

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
After having devoured and digested the entirety of Sense8 season 2, I have many questions. Like, how did every sensate arrive in London in such a timely manner for the season 2 finale?
One question, though, is far more pressing than the others. Where on this loony Earth is Wolfgang, the reticent Berliner with a habit of shooting up public places? Wolfgang, played by Max Riemelt, is the cluster victim of the season. Enticed by the femme fatale-esque character Lila, he engages in a battle with another cluster, drawing a whole lot of attention to himself. As a result, Sense8's villain Whispers finds an easy target in Wolfgang.
"I warned you, Wolfgang. There are only two sides in this world: With me, or against me," Lila hisses from behind a pair of too-large sunglasses. Class film noir stuff — she might as well also be puffing on a cigarette. She immediately hands Wolfgang over to "The Cannibal," after which the sensates assemble a plan to save their captured comrade.
But in the ultimate moments of the finale, as the sensates ride away from BPO in a stolen car, Wolfgang isn't there. The seven remaining members of the cluster unzip a latex bodysuit to reveal — Whispers? The final frame of the second season features Will Gorski (Brian J. Smith) asking the unconscious body, "You want a war? We'll give you a war." This is all very well and good, but there's one problem: They didn't save Wolfgang, or at least it appears they didn't.
When Wolfgang is first kidnapped, Will says confidently, "Don't worry, I have a plan." This plan involves all the other sensates gathering in London and breaking into the Biologic Preservation Organization. Logically, the task at hand after penetrating such a place would be save Wolfgang, right? But no. The cluster instead knocks out their nemesis, Milton Bailey (aka Brandt/Whispers/The Cannibal) and flees.
The question remains: Where is Wolfgang? And, more importantly, do the sensates have a plan to save him?
I'm not the only one with this question.
After having watched the finale several times over, I can only conclude that Wolfgang's absence is probably just meant to be a cliffhanger. That doesn't mean I'm happy about it — and it doesn't mean that Wolfgang is dead. In the land of suspense television, death is only certain when it comes with receipts. (See: Brann in the first episode of Game of Thrones. If you don't see a dead body, don't believe the hype.)
So, where is Wolfgang? My prediction is that he's still in the bowels of BPO, strapped to a table. This isn't the most satisfying ending for Sense8's second season, but it might have been necessary to maintain the narrative's rapid-fire pace into the third season. (Please let there be a third season! Netflix, are you listening?)
Wolfgang was on the verge of having a decent life. Before he was kidnapped, the former key shop owner had just made a plan to meet Kala in Paris. Any wise television watcher should know: As soon as a will-they-or-won't-they couple makes a decision to be together, a tragic accident is in the cards.
Wolfgang is missing, but he isn't gone. As of yet, Reddit has no theories, and re-watching the episode does no good. All we can do for now is wait.
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