We Blind Taste-Tested Popular Iced Coffee Brands & The Results Were Confusing

There are coffee connoisseurs and then there are iced coffee connoisseurs. The iced coffee lovers drink their chilled brews year round (no matter what the freezing temps may be) and are extremely loyal to their coffee companies of choice. We're talking those who swear strictly by a cup of Starbucks in the a.m., or those who wouldn't dream of dissing Dunkin' (they run on it) — and those whose fave happens to be McDonald's or Tim Horton (when an Egg McMuffin or Tim Bits are involved, why the hell not?) But in addition to those heavy hitters, there are also the cooler cold brew-serving shops popping up on every corner — vying for a center spot in this chilly caffeine competition. (Or as we like to think of it: a legendary battle of the beans.)
We've all decided on our personal go-to — and we tend stand by it with the utmost loyalty. But in reality, how well do we actually know our brews? This question seemed like a no-brainer when posed to a group of iced coffee drinkers. But a quick blind taste-testing of five separate plastic cups turned out to be, well pretty confusing all around. Especially when each one of the testers professed a specific brand loyalty.
Ahead, find out what we learned from our taste test and see if it sways your next morning coffee decision.

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