NASA Shuts Down Milo Ventimiglia's Sweet, But Uninformed Request

Internet boyfriend and owner of impressive biceps Milo Ventimiglia posted an earnest tweet hoping to catch the attention of NASA. Mashable reports that like many star-struck fans, Ventimiglia took some time from being Jack Pearson to follow the space organization's Cassini spacecraft, which is doing its thing orbiting Saturn and sending back pictures and data.
Unfortunately for Ventimiglia, Cassini's batteries are just about drained, so it'll plummet towards Saturn this September, ending its tenure in a fiery swan song as it burns in the planet's atmosphere. Ventimiglia's pleaded with NASA, hoping to keep Cassini alive and well, adding the hashtag #savecassini. Of course, he signed it "MV," like he always does.
Of course, NASA responded, because even scientists, rocket engineers, and quantum physicists can't resist reaching out to Jess Mariano. In its response, the NASA Twitter account explained that Cassini's just out of gas and that nobody's sadder to see it go than the craft's team. And they're not just giving it a glorious sendoff for fun, there's actually a good reason for it.
NASA is sending the craft into the planet's atmosphere so that it doesn't cause any undue harm to Saturn's moons, especially Titan and Enceladus, which could possibly harbor alien life. It's a long shot for sure, but researchers think that those two moons could have what it takes to support biological life. By sending Cassini into Saturn's gaseous atmosphere, the scientists are making sure that those two pristine worlds don't get mucked up with Earth germs and space junk.
Ventimiglia responded in kind, because internet boyfriends know exactly how to tug at fans' heartstrings and avoid conflict with government agencies. Plus, Cassini's done a lot for NASA. It launched all the way back in 1997 and reached Saturn in 2004, sending back info the entire time. It's been orbiting around the ringed planet since then, so it's about time for the craft to take a break and go down in that blaze of glory.
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