Andy Cohen Says Teresa Giudice's Prosecco Line Is Probably Fermenting In A Warehouse Somewhere

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Over a decade after the Bravo franchise first began, the Real Housewives empire spans from coast to coast (i.e. New York to Orange County). Along with a loyal audience and impassioned fan base, the stars have a bevy of business ventures that they've launched to capitalize on their notoriety from the show. And of course, some have been more successful (and serious) than others. Who has the silliest enterprise? People and Entertainment Weekly's editorial director Jess Cagle put the land mine of a question to Bravo host Andy Cohen, the unofficial Real Housewives godfather, in an interview this week.
"Wow. The most absurd business started by a Real Housewife. That is a great question," Cohen began. "One thing that popped into my mind is [Orange County star] Lynne Curtin’s cuff business, selling cuffs. But actually, I think that she is still making a big business on those, so I can't say that. I think — hold on, let me go through. Because there have been a lot."
At this point, you can tell Cohen knows he's treading on tricky territory here — he doesn't want to diss any of the women. "Some of them very successful. Some of them have really tanked very quickly. There have been a lot of — I mean [New Jersey star] Teresa Giudice's Fabellini. Somewhere, there is a warehouse full of vats of Fabellini. And I’m not even kidding. Like, it’s there, fermenting." Ouch, Andy. He, of course, is referring to Giudice's line of flavored prosecco.
But after laying down that sick burn, Cohen wasn't quite done. "God, New York, there have been some doozies," he continued. "Well, I think Sonja's whole Tipsy Girl enterprise didn't go very well. I'm gonna say Sonja Morgan‘s Tipsy Girl endeavor."
Oh, poor Sonja. Her doomed idea for a line of alcoholic drinks caused a major rift with castmate Bethenny Frankel last season. Frankel thought that the name "Tipsy Girl" was too close to her drinks line, Skinnygirl — and that Morgan was intentionally riding her coattails. So, to sum it up: Tipsy Girl was not only a total business failure, but it caused a massive fight with her friend. And, to top it all off, Andy Cohen has dubbed it the most absurd Housewives business. Maybe the housewives should try laying off the wine business for a bit.

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